Who We Are?


The world’s automotive industry affects almost all of us in some way. It employs millions of people directly, tens of millions indirectly. Its products have transformed society, bringing undreamed-of levels of mobility, changing the ways we live and work. For much of the developed world, and increasingly for the developing world, it is a pillar industry, a flag of economic progress.

Without an automotive industry it is impossible to develop an efficient steel business, a plastics industry or a glass sector,  other central foundations of economic progress. The automotive industry has been a core industry, a unique economic phenomenon, which has dominated the twentieth century.

The automotive industry works on a scale so awesome and has an influence so vast that it is often difficult to see. Roughly 1.5 million new cars and trucks are built around the world each week — they are easily the most complex products of their kind to be mass-produced in such volumes.

The industry uses manufacturing technology that is at the cutting edge of science. It uses 15% of the world’s steel, 40% of the world’s rubber and 25% of the world’s glass. The vehicles themselves, these emotive icons of success, use a staggering 40% of the world’s annual oil output. The automotive industry is the world’s largest single manufacturing activity