Local Supplier

Local Supplier

Over the past few years, several car producers have built production capacities for both the domestic market and exports in worldwide. Cost factors and excess capacity in traditional home markets were major factors that influenced decisions to shift production to Saudi Arabia. In addition to the arrival of the purchasing value to a maximum in the country. As a consequence, local car parts suppliers, who are mainly SMEs, had to restructure their businesses and to compete for new opportunities

Realising that the company’s success depends to a considerable extent on a strong network of quality suppliers, Saudi National Automobile Manufacturing Co. “SNAM” has played an active role in this restructuring process. As a result of these efforts, SNAM has successfully developed long-term relationships with suppliers. It will be composed of 15 – 20 companies

The ultimate objective of SNAM is to produce vehicles that fully satisfy the customer. To this end, contribution to local economic development through localization and good corporate governance

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